Friday, December 25, 2009

Have you ever..

-Missed a song?Just remembered it like a distant memory and tried to search it out.

-Ever felt befriended by a its talking to you..guiding you out of your misery..your sadness..or just brightening up your mood..making pleasant things seem even better..sometimes bringing up a smile on your expression less face..

-Ever loved a song so much to listen to it 15 times at a stretch..without getting bored of it..

-Speaking of which,have you ever irritated your friends around you with the way the sheer magic of a single song's repetition works on you..

-Listened to a great new song..caught up a single hummable line from it..and hummed it 50 times a day?

-Experienced the soothing power of your favorite song during a 5 minute break from hours of continous studying?

-Sung along your favorite rock song till the maximum allowance limit of your vocal cords?

-Talked really loud to people around you with earphones in your ears?

-Got weird looks from people around you when you talked that loud?!

-Ever known what its like to listen to music on the last bench in a most boring lecture under constant fear of being caught?

-Had a favorite 'Dance Song'..upon listening to which,you and your friends burst into alien dance moves?

-Stumbled upon a great song on your iPod and pressed 'Increase volume' 4 times extra even after its on maximum level?

-Sang a 'Situational Song' around your friend and his/her latest crush and had your share of choicest words later?

-Been caught dancing in front of the mirror?

-Broken your leg,got adviced bedrest,unable to sleep of the pain..became aware how a single album you listened to that time..will always make you remember those days..

-Played your music loud enough to not let your mind wander around something bothersome?

-Hummed a song to your self when you were nervous?

-Listened to a song and instantly wanted to dedicate it to someone?

-Experienced the magic of a single magical song working on a near broken heart?

-Listened to an intense love song and thought of someone?

In other words do you share with me..any part of my musical story?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Covered in Darkness

I had a very dreamy sleep last night.
Very shocking yet very subtle..
Very dark yet enlightening..
Very funny yet very creepy.
In the dream,I see myself as myself and my sister with
me.We were in this really dark movie theatre.The screen
was dark and I wasnt able to see anything.After about 10
mins..everyone gasped in astonishment..and said
something like.."They should'nt show something like
that.." (apparently referring to an adult scene).
I became very confused and asked my sister.."What did
they show..I couldnt see anyting"..
On the way back home..I couldnt see anything on the was dark I thought..
Eventually I realized in the dream that I was turning
'nightblind'.I remember how I was thinkin in the dream
about vitamin A tablets(the deficiency of which causes
And then somebody asked me about my 'condition'..I
clearly remember myself tellin him..'I have Nightopia'
(on lines of myopia)..
Suddenly I woke up and was relieved to come back to
I opened up the day's newspaper..
2nd dec 2009. 25th anniversary of UCIL Bhopal gas-leak
It had pictures of people who died and of those who lost
their eyesights because of the gas leak.
A simple dream of not being able to see in the night
freaked me out..I can only imagine how it is like for
people who lose their eyesights for day,night..for
everytime..for all their life.
It must just not be about not being able to see the
sunset or rise..or the sky or the water..It must be
about seeing a black cubicle around with the walls
ever closing onto oneself.
The first thing I was worried about in the dream when I
realized that I cudnt see anymore..was..I lacked a
capability that every 'normal' person around me had.It
was fear,a worry..of falling back behind
running loose blindfolded tryin to catch something or
someone when all the others lookin at you.. laughin at
you..know that you are headed in the wrong direction.
A blind person's world must be way smaller than ours.It
must be way tougher..meaner..creepier than ours.The
phrase 'a ray of hope' must have different meaning to
Ive had 'Eye issues' myself..when I was 10,I used to
blink my eyes twice every second..It wasnt a very sweet
time..I once won a singing competition at that
time..later I found seniors imitating me..or my eyelids
for that matter in the classroom..It sent big jolts to
my self-esteem..
Fact is I wasnt bothered about the blinking..I was
bothered about the mocking..needless to say..I rushed to
a doc who took care of my eye muscles.

Ive never known a visually impaired person
personally..but somehow I think that the loss of vision
would be a lesser deal than losing the guiding light in
this ever darkening ruthless world..
I wouldnt have thought all this if it werent for the
dream.Before that I never had a thought for visually
impaired people.All I had was sympathy.
And I will carry the thought forward..It wont be a bad
idea if now I pledge to donate my eyes after I die..
So what if they start blinkin twice per second
again..or suffer from 'Nightropia' in dreams..They might
break the walls of someone's dark cubicle..who knows..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Version 23i.

Two and a half months its been..Im at home..with nothing on my hands..There's just one blog entry that Ive made during these holidays..I made more during my exams..
So you can understand how dead my brain is these days.
I was at my sister's place for quite sometime ..where I did a lot of new stuff(besides trying out new drinks).. a lot of different stuff..
Well lets start with the airport..
Banglore airport.
I had just collected my luggage and was leaving.Suddenly a Firang appears before me and with all the politeness that she could gather,She asks me..''Excuse me..what flight did u come from?''
And ..I if I wanted to stamp Bangalore with my stupidity..I replied back with all the decency and as if I was the busiest woman in the world..'' Air India .''
2 seconds later..I said to myself..what the hell were you thinkin..!why would she want to know what flight you took..jerk!
4seconds later..I called up my sis and shared my latest story of stupidity with her.I had arrived.Hello Bangalore.

The aerobics classes that I'd joined there were quite ''Dancy' for since it was my first class I cud hardly do all the steps..(now dont judge one can !!)..So I just sat aside for a little breather..
Track changes..
Next Track:Where's the party tonite!!
Im taken into a flashback of hostel..where me with my two roommates danced the room out on this song..!!Whoa! I jumped in like you see all the people in Glucon-D ads..!I didnt know what I was doin..but the instructor had a good laugh and later tells my sis..''She's just here for fun..just enjoyin the muusiccc!!''
Well..I did.
The story of the swimming pool is a little different coz of my unique but funny swim suit...(immediately curbing your stupid ideas)..I called my suit.."The Tellytubby Suit"..for those who dont know..good that u dont.
The first day I kicked so hard in the water with my right foot that I broke my left foot's toe nail..hehe..!!But that didnt stop me from being a total madness in water..
A few days usual I was goofing around in the pool..and like the pool wanted me to stamp it too with my stupidity..I mistook a well grown (big bellied )man for my bro.Not a big deal,unless u know that I used to do a lot of literal 'Leg-Pulling' in the pool with bhai!!Picture that now.
Ah..I love to try to swim!! ;)
The thing that I found most fruitful was the gym..It has made me a less lazy person.yes.:)
Well..I am a better version of myself now..proudly!
And the thing with becoming a better version of yourself is that it gives birth to a bunch of better upgraded newer versions of you in your mind,which obviously make you feel outdated.
So here I am ..So new..and so wanting to outdate the newer me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So what was your childhood ambition?
My parents had a tough time from changing mine from 'Bollywood Herione' to 'Doctor'.Anyways..When I was too young to come to any conclusion about my acting skills..I always thought I had the hair..the figure..complexion to be a 'herione'..And then..I grew up.
And with that,any sort of acting skills I ever had..disappeared..and now..acting? me?You've gotta be kiddin me!
The point is..that there have been instances when I had to act..and it was very important for me to act.Really,Really important.
But there's this thing about being in a fake situation or creating one..that just tosses me off from my normal behaviour..
Picture this..
1st april.
We're befooling a friend by first makin her believe that one of my other friend is in a 8 yr old secret relationship and now the guy wants to break up with her coz she's refusin to have sex with him.Second,we're gonna make the first friend talk to the guy..To try and understand..and Blah Blah..
Easy stuff..rite..but if you were would you blow it up?Picture this.
We're on the hostel 10pm..the gag is being enacted..and nobody wants me to do anything but to just be know..just be a part of the crowd..dont act..just stand there.

Well..everybody is tryin to act like they're all so sad...and deeply,truly deeply I know..As soon as she started to say, ''Now he wants to have sex with me otherwise..''..and.. I lost it!!I was rollin on the terrace laughin..! eyes were watery and my stomach was achin from the laughs...Naturally I had to say something now.. and boy..did I mess it up!
''You tell him..hahaha..that physicality not the only've got to connect more connect heehehe..otherwise!"
I blew it up!

There was this rented place we friends were livin in..there was this friend(who was a guy and obviously was not allowed by the landlords on the 2nd floor where we stayed..)we could not sneak him in..and so we decided on the spot that he was gonna be one of ours 'Bhaiya'..!I remember one of my friends sayin..''Isko toh sabse peeche rakhna!She'll laugh and make the lie so evident.'' But people,we did let the guy in..and I did laugh in front of the landlords while the lie was being planted! And 'Bhaiya' had a nice lieproof stay!

Its funny how damaging college property simply liberates you from the anxiety of the viva..and you end up givin a 'Laughin Viva' where all the answers begin with,'' Hehe!''..and end with,''I dunno sir.''..Im lucky.He was just an assistant professor..and yeah..I broke the tiles on the slab where the microscope was kept, seconds before my viva.My teacher saw me breakin them and also while i was tryin to fix them. But I passed.

What do u say to your math teacher when you are a 6 year old and are not comfortable in the class and want to go to home early?
''Ma'am,my stomach is not feeling well.''
I did that.
My teacher laughed her head off..And also she reminded me of it in 12th standard in front of my other friends..!Oh,ma'am!! ma'am-it!!

So its been there from the childhood u know..the lack of acting skills..the power to tell the people..
c'mon guys,I cannot be kiddin you!
I am too true to be fake!
ehm.. and thats that.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why does it always rain on me?? (RBKS)

Me walking down the street in an attire so white so pristine,
During an exceptionally brilliant September evening
Watching some birds, hoping for fish, riding the wind
The volery gliding, and the schools swimming

There I see it, the perfect student amongst umpteen
The beauty of the face, the grace of the swim bedazzling
With the line and the bait I stand in the waiting
The reality dimming and the dreams winning

It noticed my smile amidst the crowd of serpentines
Took the bait on my line, teeth’s like pearls on a string
With the dish on my plate I could not stop grinning
The spirits warming and the desires cooking

What a catch makes bird hunting asinine
Hand in hand towards the horizon we start moving
Step by step, the distance abutting
The heart pumping and the mind numbing

Taking a deep breath into the water I lean
The scales so fine, and the tender fins how inviting
Holding it tight in the water I am grappling
The clouds gathering and the rain coming

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Read and Write.

Its drizzlin outside...I cant feel the humidity for a while..quite relieving..Im lovin it..all I need is a good cup of coffee..(minus the calories..ehm ..)..forget it..Let it rain..

26th June 2009.
After a 10 min head on the book..I woke up..It was 2am approximately..I decided to give brain refused to take in no more sleepy mummbles..and my book was almost tellin me..Stop Mockin at,I thought I would sleep.and so I did..:)

Usually my friend..Swati wakes me up in the mornin..(once it so happened..that I set up the alarm for mornin..when it got off..I held the fone in my hand in sleep..and started staring at it.I thought it was Swati's and handed it over to her.."Swati..yaar tera alarm yaar.."..She stared back at me..I covered my face with the sheet and dozed off..She turned the alarm off.. So now u get it why she wakes me up in the mornin..)
Comin back to that fateful mornin..when I had to get up at 6am..and had to revise my entire syllabus...entire..complete...40 chapters!!Swat woke me up at 6am.

Swat:Wake up..its 6 am..
Isha:abhi nahi uthna..zzz..zz
S:uthja yaar
I: kyuuun!!! cooler on karde na..
(now at this moment I dont how she must have felt..probably lookin for a axe to chop off my tongue!!)
S: Isha,6:45 hogaye..
I:(whats so special about today..we usually wake up by 8 everyday..have tea,breakfast,read papers..and the sit for studyin by 9..why today!!)

Time!! 7:00am
I open my eyes..and see swat goin for a bath..
Enter: A Super Massive brain wave..!!
Isha: "Oh Shit!!! Aaj toh exam hai!!"
Swati gives me a weird look and says.."Toh? u forgot?"
Isha: shit yaar..I had to revise the entire stuff..Im gonna fail today..!
S: Dont matter..chal get ready now.
And I was shocked as was my prelim exam..I didnt revise..Its as good as not studyin anything..I cudnt believe what i had just done...on the day of my exam..I had forgotten I have an exam..(a thought..what if I was living alone?!)

Nevermind.(well..did I have an option?!)
9:00 am
Exam began
The invigilator handed over the question paper..Swat's roll num is immediately next to mine..I waited for her to get the paper..and turned 180 degrees immediately.
I:"Yeh aata hai?..aur yeh walaa? aur yeh..?"
Swat: "Chup kar..Woh dekh rahi hai.."
Invigilator shouts from 2 rows away: "Haan main dekh rahi hu"

With all the knowledge I had..I wrote a decent paper..I thought..but my proff didnt..So..Sad ending to an Amnesia laden sleepy start..

Year 2004
Month:I dont remember
Occasion: IIT prelim. (ehm..ehm..)
I DIDNT want to give the exam..I was so damn sleepy on the day of the exam.And all the IIT wannabes around me were buzzin with energy..all excited..all nervous..and me..Indifferent..unperturbed..and trust me it wasnt just math. I knew I would not know anything in the question paper.
I got the paper..and I had to sign it up before starting.I did sign it somewhere i know.But I only got to know about it when the invigilator got at my seat and asked.." Now,where do I put MY sign..?!"
I put up my signatures where the invigaltor had to sign..!!

30 minutes later.
Finished with my paper,I was fighting sleep.
I put my head down on the table and dozed off.
The same invigilator comes up to me: "Are u not well..?"
Me: " ma'am.."(what the heck!!)
Now I think ,I should have acted more..She could have allowed me an early exit.Nevermind..I spent the next 2 hours..staring outside through the windows..(and there were hardly any good lookin guys in the class..!Wait..I thought there were one or two..Whaaat??They were too busy filling up tiny circles with "HB pencils".)

I came out of the exam friends from nearby centres were to join me.
Age old question>> "Kaisa hua?"
My age old answer>> "Mast!" ;)

Class 11th exams.
subject: Biology
Question: Write about Homo Sapiens. Classify men. (marks 15)
( When I saw the question..I thought my biology teacher had gone crazy.There was no classification of "men" anywhere in the book..!! What can I possibly write here!)
I dont exactly remember my answer..(the teacher probably put it up in the school biology museum!!)
My answer:
There are 5 types of men.
1.American men:
Found in USA,Canada.very tall.fair complexion.intelligent.usually green eyes.brown hair.
2.African men:
Found in Africa and South America.And some parts of north america. very dark in complexion.broad nose.good athelets.known for winnin medals in olmpics races.
3.European men:
Found in Europe.white complexion.similar to American men in most traits.
4.Chineese men:
Found in China,Japan.short height.small eyes.fair complexion.
5:Indian men.
found in India. wheatish complxion.short heighted.

After the exam.
My friend Sapna asks the Age old question>>"kaisa hua?"
Me>>" mast,lekin last question was a bouncer"
Sapna:"huh? classification of MAN..what was difficult?starting from early man,to neanderthal man to modern man homo sapiens.."
Me:* fainted!!*

For next 15 days I hoped that my paper gets lost somwhere..or the biology deptt catches fire..and it gets burned!
Result day..
Biology teacher,holding my paper with a big red cross over it: "What were you thinkin?"
Me: * smiles sheepishly*
( First, You tell me what were YOU thinkin..cudnt u just have written classify MAN..instead of MEN!..arrrgghh!!)

So much for a misprint.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bus Blues!

Finallieeeeeeee!! Im back on the blog..I know how relieved u must be..!Seeing me here after so long..!bBeen 4 months!My blog missed me..I know I can understand..This is gettin quite emotional for me..just a sec..(...) Im fine..
So ..!! Today is not sunday!! But today is a holiday..and how! Ask me..ohkay ohkay i know u r dieing to know(or dyeing?..I dunno I usually dye people instead of lettin them die.ehmm..)Well..Whatever...lookin at my enthu..u know I cant contain my excitement of being able to write again!!(Meanwhile Ive been writing a lot these days..thanx to untimely exams.when are they on time!..when is the time for exams..who needs exams!!!!)..Anyway..Im not gettin carried away(coz thats the idea of keepin exams!)..I had exams..I gave exams..pstt!I did cheat in a few..(hehehe)!
Ohkay..News News!! I did an extraction 2 days ago..of a tooth! the patient was at my mercy..and i was at the mercy of my shaky hands..Finally i pulled the stupid thing out of the socket!! Yippie!Done.Bring on the next one!Where are my forceps?!
Rite..So I deviated totally from the title..!bus!bus!
I get up at 7am in the morning for college and am ready at 7:30.The bus stop is about 7 mins away from my flat..and the college is 45 mins away from my stop(walking and by bus respectively.)
How I board my bus(in this case..catch my bus on time while its still standin!): When we reach halfway from the flat to the stop..our eyes start eyeing the road..To see any sign of a moving yellow thing..If we do..we run our Bags off!!(lol)coz thats our bus..Waiting for us..sometimes..some school kids..waiting for their own buses..tell us: Run faster!! the bus is waiting!(embarrasing!!)
We enter in the bus..All eyes staring at us..."Not again!"..The driver's friend says," 5minute jaldi aaya karo!"..yeah whatever...! We look for seats..and then start lookin for water..!!Gasping for air!(This happend on 2 outta 6 days a week!)
On the remaining 2 days..The bus is late..and on the last reamaning one day..We miss the bus!! Which is exactly why Im at home today
Usually what happens is..we aim to board another college bus from someother stop..Once what happend was..we took an autorockshaw to another stop..on the way I see a gang of our college students..I start to yell..I dunno what..Im too I yell anything..except..stop..stop!! My freinds cant understand me..I point..!! Students..!!Somehow they dont respond..I dont know why..!!(The auto ride is too exciting I guess!)I ask the autowala to stop..and we go and join the normal poople.
Enter: A tinee tiny college bus..with people stuffed in it.People on seats.People on people on seats.Poeple standing on floor.People standing on feet of poeple standing on floor.
Enter: Us.
Enter: Chaos.People stepping on us.We steppin on people.Banging our bags on everyone's head who's lucky enough to get a seat!!
Enter:(jagah do yaar!..hadh hai!)

Enter: College...Yaay!! We've reached..One piece!
Enter :First lecture..
'Roll no.9'
'Roll no.9??'
'Present!! Present!!Roll no.9 Present!!'
Now, all of this precisely didnt happen today..coz we saw the yellow moving bus..just 15 steps from our place..and we got a feeling of dejavu..!hehe..!we reached the stop tryin to unthink what we were thinkin..But we saw no one standin there..a school girl tells us..: 'didi,aapki bus ko nikle huye 5 minute hogaye.!'(damn!not again!)..we were a little less courageous today..stood there for 5more minutes ..Cribbed..about the college..about the busdriver..and about the students in the bus who supposedly enjoy watching a daily marathon keepin bets on who will win today!Anyways..we're not late..Its the bus that arrives earlier than its usual time..We decide to go watch some movie today!
Someday we're gonna do the same to the bus..Make it wait for us..and then refuse to enter..!And let it miss us the entire day..

It should have been titled as 'bus yellows' instead..but how does it matter..we missed it right?