Thursday, November 12, 2009

Version 23i.

Two and a half months its been..Im at home..with nothing on my hands..There's just one blog entry that Ive made during these holidays..I made more during my exams..
So you can understand how dead my brain is these days.
I was at my sister's place for quite sometime ..where I did a lot of new stuff(besides trying out new drinks).. a lot of different stuff..
Well lets start with the airport..
Banglore airport.
I had just collected my luggage and was leaving.Suddenly a Firang appears before me and with all the politeness that she could gather,She asks me..''Excuse me..what flight did u come from?''
And ..I if I wanted to stamp Bangalore with my stupidity..I replied back with all the decency and as if I was the busiest woman in the world..'' Air India .''
2 seconds later..I said to myself..what the hell were you thinkin..!why would she want to know what flight you took..jerk!
4seconds later..I called up my sis and shared my latest story of stupidity with her.I had arrived.Hello Bangalore.

The aerobics classes that I'd joined there were quite ''Dancy' for since it was my first class I cud hardly do all the steps..(now dont judge one can !!)..So I just sat aside for a little breather..
Track changes..
Next Track:Where's the party tonite!!
Im taken into a flashback of hostel..where me with my two roommates danced the room out on this song..!!Whoa! I jumped in like you see all the people in Glucon-D ads..!I didnt know what I was doin..but the instructor had a good laugh and later tells my sis..''She's just here for fun..just enjoyin the muusiccc!!''
Well..I did.
The story of the swimming pool is a little different coz of my unique but funny swim suit...(immediately curbing your stupid ideas)..I called my suit.."The Tellytubby Suit"..for those who dont know..good that u dont.
The first day I kicked so hard in the water with my right foot that I broke my left foot's toe nail..hehe..!!But that didnt stop me from being a total madness in water..
A few days usual I was goofing around in the pool..and like the pool wanted me to stamp it too with my stupidity..I mistook a well grown (big bellied )man for my bro.Not a big deal,unless u know that I used to do a lot of literal 'Leg-Pulling' in the pool with bhai!!Picture that now.
Ah..I love to try to swim!! ;)
The thing that I found most fruitful was the gym..It has made me a less lazy person.yes.:)
Well..I am a better version of myself now..proudly!
And the thing with becoming a better version of yourself is that it gives birth to a bunch of better upgraded newer versions of you in your mind,which obviously make you feel outdated.
So here I am ..So new..and so wanting to outdate the newer me.