Friday, December 25, 2009

Have you ever..

-Missed a song?Just remembered it like a distant memory and tried to search it out.

-Ever felt befriended by a its talking to you..guiding you out of your misery..your sadness..or just brightening up your mood..making pleasant things seem even better..sometimes bringing up a smile on your expression less face..

-Ever loved a song so much to listen to it 15 times at a stretch..without getting bored of it..

-Speaking of which,have you ever irritated your friends around you with the way the sheer magic of a single song's repetition works on you..

-Listened to a great new song..caught up a single hummable line from it..and hummed it 50 times a day?

-Experienced the soothing power of your favorite song during a 5 minute break from hours of continous studying?

-Sung along your favorite rock song till the maximum allowance limit of your vocal cords?

-Talked really loud to people around you with earphones in your ears?

-Got weird looks from people around you when you talked that loud?!

-Ever known what its like to listen to music on the last bench in a most boring lecture under constant fear of being caught?

-Had a favorite 'Dance Song'..upon listening to which,you and your friends burst into alien dance moves?

-Stumbled upon a great song on your iPod and pressed 'Increase volume' 4 times extra even after its on maximum level?

-Sang a 'Situational Song' around your friend and his/her latest crush and had your share of choicest words later?

-Been caught dancing in front of the mirror?

-Broken your leg,got adviced bedrest,unable to sleep of the pain..became aware how a single album you listened to that time..will always make you remember those days..

-Played your music loud enough to not let your mind wander around something bothersome?

-Hummed a song to your self when you were nervous?

-Listened to a song and instantly wanted to dedicate it to someone?

-Experienced the magic of a single magical song working on a near broken heart?

-Listened to an intense love song and thought of someone?

In other words do you share with me..any part of my musical story?


SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

It's perfect. The way you have summed up a music lover's regular day, is so intriguing that it's almost magical. Every possible way a song can affect moods and moodswings is incompressible but astonishingly calming.

Music plays back and forth touching everything you do. Serene.

I love the way you have credited music for all it's done for us.

Thanks for the tunes... ;)

Dr. Rahul Crash said...

Most of it.. yup i've experienced almost every line of it.. whole my life.. kudos for highlighting n compiling with precision.. Loved it :)

Arun Sharma said...

:) oh it is 22 feb 2010. and I there is no newer post from you. Have you lost somewhere?

Sunyo said...

oh sure...affirmative to 99% of the cases...cant live without music:D

U have compiled the feelings attached with music so beautifully :)

Varun Yagain said...

Yes yes yes!! It has happened to me. ALL of it :)

And much worse too... like you're wearing that serious expression while listening to a funky song at work and you trip & pull the earphone cable out when you get off the chair! It wasn't good :(

Nice posts you have here!