Friday, December 31, 2010

The year,as I saw it.

Its strange how something exciting,out of the normal thing happens on a boring day,that changes the way we remember that day in future forever.No,No..this aint an intro to something utterly nice that happened to me today that I wanna share with everyone.Relax.Its not facebook.and Im still me.
Anyway,compare it with a lifetime and if you really had to pick up a year that kind of molded your life to come,would you pick up 2010.? I would.

To begin with..I really struggled with living alone.Agreed, I'm not much of a people's person,but living all alone can be really tricky sometimes.The boredom kills!plays with your mind.Turns you into a maniac!
Lesson're not Joan of arc.You cant live alone and be sane at the same time.
This was the year when after years of 'Trying to lose weight' and 'No thanx,Im on a diet' I finally started to lose weight.I was a happy girl with all the gyming and aerobics going for me.Little did I know..
I fall sick.Like really sick.I get hospitalised for the first time and become painfully thin(by my own standards,of course)!Took away all the credit from my working out.Cruel,isn't it?
Lesson can get very sick sometimes and the 'sick -sympathies' are a pain after a while.Keep workin out,coz that yearning for food is in your genes,blood,whatever.

I party-ed a lot.And i struggled to keep up with friendships this year.Almost all my friends' converstaions started with,'where the hell are you'.
The fact was.I was nowhere.I was coping up with my self-made norms and useless distinctions.Trying to replace my friends with my laptop and iPod.
Lesson learnt..a lot of guys think that every drunk(read tipsy) girl is their girlfriend.And always stay in touch with friends.

I discovered my love for cooking.
I blogged very less.
I lost a bit of my sense of humor.
I became a dentist.
I struggled with relationships.

I discovered how sometimes,I lock horns with everyone and want to be alone and miserable by choice.
Lesson learnt.Dont. and lower your expectations.It only makes you better.Never drink alone.

There have been times when Ive risen like a phoenix and fallen like a dead bird.There have been times when my brains just burst like a hot volcano with a piece of my brain falling on everyone I cared about.
Lesson never are that close to anyone in life that they can bear the brunt of your moods.not family,not love,not friends.And you are on your own.So u better not be evil.

You are what you think you are.and this year I've been a loser,a depressed case,a loner and a dentist.
Somehow I wanted to change that.All of these things.I did.Now I am,still a dentist,pursuing to be something else.But I'm not a loser,loner or anything else.Im a believer.
And i believe that if it weren't for the things that happened to me this year,I would have been still the same person that I was getting tired of.

All said and done.Goodbye 2010.I'll never forget you.