Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why does it always rain on me?? (RBKS)

Me walking down the street in an attire so white so pristine,
During an exceptionally brilliant September evening
Watching some birds, hoping for fish, riding the wind
The volery gliding, and the schools swimming

There I see it, the perfect student amongst umpteen
The beauty of the face, the grace of the swim bedazzling
With the line and the bait I stand in the waiting
The reality dimming and the dreams winning

It noticed my smile amidst the crowd of serpentines
Took the bait on my line, teeth’s like pearls on a string
With the dish on my plate I could not stop grinning
The spirits warming and the desires cooking

What a catch makes bird hunting asinine
Hand in hand towards the horizon we start moving
Step by step, the distance abutting
The heart pumping and the mind numbing

Taking a deep breath into the water I lean
The scales so fine, and the tender fins how inviting
Holding it tight in the water I am grappling
The clouds gathering and the rain coming




iza said...

oatmeal and apples!!
man in the moon good to listen from you. you guys were so brilliant should start afresh.

marek said...

płatki owsiane i jabłka? Iza jest coraz trzeźwy?
how have u been man?? got the mail thought it was something new,it sure was exciting,why did we ever stop i dunno!!
this is for the owners of the blog hey i am marek if the man in the moon is writing in your blog then let me also be a contributor, pls comment.

studupita said...

why so severe on the birds??
love it though, especially the volery gliding, and the school swimming bit. keep it going here. pity abt not being serious and never being funny though, miss it very much.

ewona said...

it does not end here does it, i dare you to complete it, they still call you man in the moon, i call u fence sitter after this post :P
who is the girly

janes nickby said...

hey mr man in the moon, now that you have come up with the rains,hope the gang re-lives its past glories.
about the post what can i say i have always loved your posts even the one i thought you just wrote in one of those days. this i think is really something; better than THE BALLAD OF THE MAN IN AN EASY CHAIR for sure but then again not all people like byron nor are they into songs turned into abstract

Niamh said...

jana, agni, babes missed you, great work mr sharma, i like it.
and you guys check the other entries in the blog, especially the one about friendship. and marek hoping to see something from you here hopefully the moderators will oblige.. well its a lil bit chilly today so a coffee and the rains good combination ?? what do u think??
you guys remember the London letters?? well what about it? i know its just balmy but hell, weren't they the greatest bit of blogography ever ??

Amazish said...

hey guys! feels real good to have u guys on my blog...well..iam the 'girly'!..i happen to be the cousin of 'man in the moon'!
i assume u guys had been bloggin together for quite sometime...i'd really like all of u guys to post here if it were a shared blog..but its kinda personal..i hope im not soundin 'uninviting'..but seriously..why dont u guys start afresh as one of u pointed sure that would be great..anyways..

Marek,ive heard Ravi talk about how many readers u had to your posts.
Ewona,Im you know me.:)
Niamh,Thanks for checkin out my posts!
i hope u visit my blog again..its been fun readin your comments to my cousin's post all day!! :)

Anonymous said...

Man In The Moon mówi shut up guys, nie jest to gdzie możemy mówić o naszych poprzednich blogów jej nie nasza przestrzeń społeczna w sieci, więc po prostu czytać posty i jerk off