Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ta-da!! stupid things happen to stupid people and people like me make stupid things happen(in more then one though im being specific about the dating scene!)..well..however exciting it might sound ..the thought of meeting some person for the first time..goin on a date..spending a date..the fact sucks in the end..this entire datng thing has been a disaster to me..i wish i could just give away the details to let everyone believe..but then i dont wanna be the laughin stock!hehe..!!
I give my best shot..getting ready..tryin many dresses..eating up my frnds head..'do i look good in this?'..'too revealing?'..'too plain?'..'too desperate?'..and what not!and finally when i ready..thr always always a thing that never plays along..! my Hair!! never! never!aarrghh!but anyways..lill flaws 'hair' and there are acceptable ..even welcome..when i see my date! thought..'wish i was bald!'..haha..this could get quite controversial..and isi vajah se im writing this too realy in the blog coz only a few people know about my blog it rite now..i can bare the truth!
Honey's money! issues..too confusing yaar..where do i much..equal to him?do i let him spend?am i worth he worth it..!(plz dont kill me!!)
meeting very very careful..they could already have girlfriends!!LOL!
meeting common friends..dont! go too close!! sudden outburst of emotions in the other person wil force him to embrace u..!!*cough *cough!im suffocating!!..Leave me alone!!
i just hope i dont deserve hell after posting it..!mercy!
tried and tested friends..!!meet in a group of people..that ways u run lesser chances of getting bored to death..or even even an asthma attack!*cough!
P.S. i would go to any lengths to be with the guy i like..i adore..but..ive gotta give up this habbit of unknown dates..coz i cant afford more posts like these..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walkin the Sleepwalk!

I sleepwalk in the true sense of the word..but i sleepwalk during the day..coz im too busy sleeping at nite..i dream..dream a lot..but i dream during the day..coz in the nite im too busy sleepin..there is this element of sleep that never leaves me..and so..i Sleep-walk!
i dunno why do i have to think so much writing in here..its my blog rite..i can rite anything here..rite?anything?well..lets see..winters!!(we talk about weather all the time ..when we have nothing to talk about)..i love winters..getting packed in layers of clothes..not having to face the stupid sun..and being able to roam about at any hour of the day..summers on the other hand..are..gross!! winter blues..i get winter blues when winters are leaving..!!so just like joey says when he turns 30..''why god! why!..we talked rite!" summers are sweaty..! winters are sleepy! :)
Enough of my weather talk! i guess u got my point! nothin to talk about..i dunno how much and how deep to write..tell me..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Disaster management

"Kuch toh likh ismein'' was my first unofficial comment for my first here i write..hehe!!
so how do u manage a disaster..!! disaster in ur own the life of someone u love so intensly(no..not my bf..)..ugh!! management..i suck at it!!

Here Im ..turn the page!

I knew i would create my blog on a sad day..sad days rather..and i guess i'll be writing more when im frustated..! so much for not being able to speak up!ive always been told by friends to write more..and write when im happy..!! but ..u know whatever!