Thursday, December 3, 2009

Covered in Darkness

I had a very dreamy sleep last night.
Very shocking yet very subtle..
Very dark yet enlightening..
Very funny yet very creepy.
In the dream,I see myself as myself and my sister with
me.We were in this really dark movie theatre.The screen
was dark and I wasnt able to see anything.After about 10
mins..everyone gasped in astonishment..and said
something like.."They should'nt show something like
that.." (apparently referring to an adult scene).
I became very confused and asked my sister.."What did
they show..I couldnt see anyting"..
On the way back home..I couldnt see anything on the was dark I thought..
Eventually I realized in the dream that I was turning
'nightblind'.I remember how I was thinkin in the dream
about vitamin A tablets(the deficiency of which causes
And then somebody asked me about my 'condition'..I
clearly remember myself tellin him..'I have Nightopia'
(on lines of myopia)..
Suddenly I woke up and was relieved to come back to
I opened up the day's newspaper..
2nd dec 2009. 25th anniversary of UCIL Bhopal gas-leak
It had pictures of people who died and of those who lost
their eyesights because of the gas leak.
A simple dream of not being able to see in the night
freaked me out..I can only imagine how it is like for
people who lose their eyesights for day,night..for
everytime..for all their life.
It must just not be about not being able to see the
sunset or rise..or the sky or the water..It must be
about seeing a black cubicle around with the walls
ever closing onto oneself.
The first thing I was worried about in the dream when I
realized that I cudnt see anymore..was..I lacked a
capability that every 'normal' person around me had.It
was fear,a worry..of falling back behind
running loose blindfolded tryin to catch something or
someone when all the others lookin at you.. laughin at
you..know that you are headed in the wrong direction.
A blind person's world must be way smaller than ours.It
must be way tougher..meaner..creepier than ours.The
phrase 'a ray of hope' must have different meaning to
Ive had 'Eye issues' myself..when I was 10,I used to
blink my eyes twice every second..It wasnt a very sweet
time..I once won a singing competition at that
time..later I found seniors imitating me..or my eyelids
for that matter in the classroom..It sent big jolts to
my self-esteem..
Fact is I wasnt bothered about the blinking..I was
bothered about the mocking..needless to say..I rushed to
a doc who took care of my eye muscles.

Ive never known a visually impaired person
personally..but somehow I think that the loss of vision
would be a lesser deal than losing the guiding light in
this ever darkening ruthless world..
I wouldnt have thought all this if it werent for the
dream.Before that I never had a thought for visually
impaired people.All I had was sympathy.
And I will carry the thought forward..It wont be a bad
idea if now I pledge to donate my eyes after I die..
So what if they start blinkin twice per second
again..or suffer from 'Nightropia' in dreams..They might
break the walls of someone's dark cubicle..who knows..


swati said...

very thoughtful......i assumed th same condition fo a sec...n agree wid u ....well done ..

insouciant iks said...

writing 4 a noble cause

badhiya hai

Shreya Basu said...

very nicely written.And I compltly agree that losing the ray of hope is losing the battle n tht is why the blind ppl are stronger thn us.they hv lost sight but not hope.

dee said...

thoughtful post....
btw i remember the blinking twice thing ;)

Dr. Rahul Crash said...

kudos.. beautiful :)
keep it up :)

Kirti said...

Good to know you can be wonderfully non-funny also! Very good thought about donating eyes. I remember 2 years back I had made up my mind to donate my eyes, so I downloaded the form, but it still remains to be filled and send. If with your blog you are able to make ur frens to not just download the form but send it too, it would be great

Kirti said...

Bytheways, when I re-read my comment, it sounds like I had the intention of donating my eyes right there right then. I want to clairfy, well, not really. :D
About the frens part also-ish n kids...I meant donate later, when u dont need em anymore :)

Anonymous said...

chori mature ho gayi saadi :)
v proud to read ur post..
long time no chat.. lets tok tomorow..

Amazish said...

@Di..sistaaah!! i know what u meant..i wont let you donate your eyes while u still need them..nor will can rely on us..hehe..

Sunyo said...

actually people who are blind from birth dont miss eyesight as they dont know that how it feels to have it.but its real tragical for people who loose eyesight..i too wish people donate their eyes more.
a nice post again.
u remembered vitaminA in ur dream too.. :P