Saturday, October 3, 2009


So what was your childhood ambition?
My parents had a tough time from changing mine from 'Bollywood Herione' to 'Doctor'.Anyways..When I was too young to come to any conclusion about my acting skills..I always thought I had the hair..the figure..complexion to be a 'herione'..And then..I grew up.
And with that,any sort of acting skills I ever had..disappeared..and now..acting? me?You've gotta be kiddin me!
The point is..that there have been instances when I had to act..and it was very important for me to act.Really,Really important.
But there's this thing about being in a fake situation or creating one..that just tosses me off from my normal behaviour..
Picture this..
1st april.
We're befooling a friend by first makin her believe that one of my other friend is in a 8 yr old secret relationship and now the guy wants to break up with her coz she's refusin to have sex with him.Second,we're gonna make the first friend talk to the guy..To try and understand..and Blah Blah..
Easy stuff..rite..but if you were would you blow it up?Picture this.
We're on the hostel 10pm..the gag is being enacted..and nobody wants me to do anything but to just be know..just be a part of the crowd..dont act..just stand there.

Well..everybody is tryin to act like they're all so sad...and deeply,truly deeply I know..As soon as she started to say, ''Now he wants to have sex with me otherwise..''..and.. I lost it!!I was rollin on the terrace laughin..! eyes were watery and my stomach was achin from the laughs...Naturally I had to say something now.. and boy..did I mess it up!
''You tell him..hahaha..that physicality not the only've got to connect more connect heehehe..otherwise!"
I blew it up!

There was this rented place we friends were livin in..there was this friend(who was a guy and obviously was not allowed by the landlords on the 2nd floor where we stayed..)we could not sneak him in..and so we decided on the spot that he was gonna be one of ours 'Bhaiya'..!I remember one of my friends sayin..''Isko toh sabse peeche rakhna!She'll laugh and make the lie so evident.'' But people,we did let the guy in..and I did laugh in front of the landlords while the lie was being planted! And 'Bhaiya' had a nice lieproof stay!

Its funny how damaging college property simply liberates you from the anxiety of the viva..and you end up givin a 'Laughin Viva' where all the answers begin with,'' Hehe!''..and end with,''I dunno sir.''..Im lucky.He was just an assistant professor..and yeah..I broke the tiles on the slab where the microscope was kept, seconds before my viva.My teacher saw me breakin them and also while i was tryin to fix them. But I passed.

What do u say to your math teacher when you are a 6 year old and are not comfortable in the class and want to go to home early?
''Ma'am,my stomach is not feeling well.''
I did that.
My teacher laughed her head off..And also she reminded me of it in 12th standard in front of my other friends..!Oh,ma'am!! ma'am-it!!

So its been there from the childhood u know..the lack of acting skills..the power to tell the people..
c'mon guys,I cannot be kiddin you!
I am too true to be fake!
ehm.. and thats that.