Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why does it always rain on me?? (RBKS)

Me walking down the street in an attire so white so pristine,
During an exceptionally brilliant September evening
Watching some birds, hoping for fish, riding the wind
The volery gliding, and the schools swimming

There I see it, the perfect student amongst umpteen
The beauty of the face, the grace of the swim bedazzling
With the line and the bait I stand in the waiting
The reality dimming and the dreams winning

It noticed my smile amidst the crowd of serpentines
Took the bait on my line, teeth’s like pearls on a string
With the dish on my plate I could not stop grinning
The spirits warming and the desires cooking

What a catch makes bird hunting asinine
Hand in hand towards the horizon we start moving
Step by step, the distance abutting
The heart pumping and the mind numbing

Taking a deep breath into the water I lean
The scales so fine, and the tender fins how inviting
Holding it tight in the water I am grappling
The clouds gathering and the rain coming