Monday, October 13, 2008

What I do not know of love.

Im half awake from my afternoon extended afternoon sleep.I had to sleep..I bunked college today.So it was customary.My head spins like a record!but what the hell..!lately(as usual rather)..I've deprived sleep of me.. well..Confusion!! relationships!I desperately wanna write about them..and today being a seized holiday from college, was a good day for discussion between me and my friends..How do we know its love? Whats the proof?Cliched...I know..but I was forced to think about it from some recent developments around me(dont ask..)..Ive been infatuated for like a million times in my life..right from college..and they've died out like..poof!!(not the guys..the infatuations!)..on most of the times I knew it was merely attraction..and on the other times..I knew the guy was a loser..I once read somewhere that infatuation brings out the best in the person..I guess I took it quite seriously for a while..and then..I grew up.

I had a big crush on my substitute teacher(like every girl in my class in school) so happened that the guy gave us an assignment for find out words ending with 'nation'..i searched the hell outta oxford dictionary..and when i was sure that my list of words was way ahead than anyone Else's in the class..i came to know that he had left the school.father of the Nation!

similarly..there was this guy at the coaching centre i used to study of smiles..looks..friends teasing...and then..jaundice..!!!and he never recovered!

Guy in college..big crush!i almost thought it was love..until my friend told me that he was gonna propose to some other girl in the class the next day..Crushed!

Infatuated.Crushed.Did bring the best out of me!!Out Out Out!

Anyway..There's no list here..(even if there is..there's gonna be no list HERE)..somebody once told me that love begins from infatuation..But..What if I'm infatuated towards a wrong person and that he never falls in love with me..And I keep on wasting my love on him..Would that be infatuation converting to love?Would I say that I am in love with him,when he is not?When I fall in love with someone,is it necessary that the guy also has to fall in love with me?or..Do I realize that it is love..only when he's fallen for me?Is love always a mutual feeling?Would my infatuation convert to love only when he starts to show that he likes me too..I wanna know..

Too many questions!Sleep is taking its toll on me..and by the ways..I'm writing after ages..I missed my blog..I went to goa..I had a blast..I hate to study..I hate getting up early in the morning for college..I hate goin to the college..I hate it when two people who are in love..Fight.

I just dont get the logic..Im confused..why do the expectations go sky high..that it needs some one from Krypton to fetch them back?Why do we behave like we have some supernatural powers of always being right..and the other person is merely a mis-take!

So whats more important?Time?Love?or Patience?Tell me..

Ohkay..What do u think happens in love?Do u own the other person?or..The person belongs to you?Or you belong to each other?

Is love just enough to take care of us?Or do we need more of it?Or more of other things?

Am i sounding really confused here?I think I am..I think I must stop..think some more..and write again after sometime..Meanwhile..Meanwhile..