Saturday, August 16, 2008

Of course It happens!!

Two months ago..when I was studyin hard for my exam the next day..keepin in mind that it has to go on like this for the coming two more months ( also keepin in mind that if I dont study now ,Im gonna flunk)..I was cursing my luck..cursing my fate..cursing the course..and cursing the Mount Everest sylabus..Just one..The only one thing that comforted me at that time..was..There's gonna be a time when I wont even see these fatso books...( 'eent'- I like to call them)..forget about the reading,mugging and puking cycle..they'l be gone..and I wud be having the fun of a lifetime!! lGosh! And look at what happened!! Look at me!! Im a girl who's exams finished 10 days ago( bloody 10 days!)..and she still hasnt seen 'Jaane tu'..and 'Batman- dark night[knight my sis likes to call it!!]'(Yeah..Dpk..u cud laugh at me once more!!)..
Well...not that i didnt try for them..I did go! With a hope..a big one at that..Two theatres..!I didnt like the timings of the movie at first one went to check out at another one(now..keep a newspaper always with ya when u go out for a movie...coz u dont wanna end up the way I did!!!)..well..In the second theatre..there was no show( what else were they showcasing huh..?male striptease act!!?) Whatever!!
And so..we went back to the first one..only to discover that the show was sold out!!
( luck seems to be goin on the same track when I think of choosing a boyfriend!)
I was hell mad at that time!I could have killed someone!!
But and my bro decided to eat at Pizza hut(or was it Dominoes..?)..and ..while I was still eating my last slice of bro got up and began to walk away!!..
Me: ''What the hell is ur problem!!...Koi ladki teri girlfriend ban hi nahi sakti..!!Cant u see Im still eating!!''
Seems like the curse hardly made a difference to him..coz he's still on fone everynight!!..and Look at me!!Damn!

I had an amazing viva 10 days ago..The person made sure..that for not one moment I could have enough guts to look into his eyes and answer him..and made sure that the patient I was assigned..completly believed that I was a complete idiot with no knowledge of my subject whatsoever!Humiliation is too small a word for it..I guess it was one of those moments when I wud just wanna be invisible! poof! I dont exist!..Now that exactly didnt happen..but the person sure made me feel that way!
God! the result's still pending..I hope the external from hell(now u HAD to be there to understand what he was saying in his stupid accent!! Whenever he said sth..I wud furrow my forehead..with a stupid expression on my face..tryin to understand wht he was trying to tell me- and so..'TUBERCULOSIS' became 'TUBURLLOM'..and the furrows on my forehead deepened!)
I was doomed!.. me and my friend(joint viva) came out of the hospital ward...wiping the sweat off our foreheads..and evryone pounced on us! 'What happened..!! It took u guys 25 mins!!''
When I heard that I was about to well...faint...coz to me it seemed like an eternity..I mean..I cud have found a guy..fallen in love with him..told my parents about him...gotten married..even have babies in that time. And they say it was just 25 mins! Ha!

Aftermath:My educated patient..adds me on orkut and scraps me.."Hey was the viva..will u pass in it?hehehe!!''...My reply..''Hopefully..why do u ask?''...Patient, "Nothing..Didnt seem like it!!hehe!!''..Aarrgghh!!

Talkin on orkut..well..the past seems to crop up...and big time this time..There's this school community where not many people post their comments..dunno of my ex classmate..Mr.W posted that he wanted to apologize to sm1 with whom he faught over 50 bucks!..Now..all that I wrote was..'' Yaar de do iske 50 rs jisne bhi liye hain'' (keepin good spirit in it ;) )...And boy..!! did he lose it!! I mean what!!!Now he's messagin me..cursing me ..askin ppl for my mail id...I mean ive had people following me..but not this kind!! haha!! [if u really wanna know what all happened..ask me..alag se!]

Right..finally..the icing on the my phone..'was' actually..its no fine day..when Im out..bugger ditches me..gets switched off..I come back home..plug in the doesnt a comatose patient..and just as u talk to a coma patient..thinkin that he's able to listen to u..but doesnt respond..I gave my cellphone the choicest of the blessings..!! No wonder..It never got switched on!!and is dead forever(and now i really believe that some of my 'cellfone curses' got backfired!!)..With all my contacts..messages that I had saved for more than a year..My pics.. :( [i know..pity me..]..poof! gone!

And u hve no idea how it is like to beg in front of ur bro..(who hs 3 cellfones) to give u just one..temporarily..and being refused for that!!( happy rakhi!!) hehehe!! all those people who call me now..I really dunno..who's who..and I end up missing all the calls!!LOL!!

So tell u really see me enjoyin? I dont..I cud go back to the 'bricks'..and make houses outta those..atleast I wud see new people!!
And yeah by the way..Hows my new pic?? hehe..I know it looks like..''Aww..I have the most beautiful pair of eyes '' and all that crap..but what the heck!!I never took a thing! ;)

In another 10 coll will reopen..and I will have to return to new 'bricks' life seems to sad rite now..When actually it had to be great..but..this is just the tip of the frustation..[ u could always comment about my new pic though..keepin in mind that Im sad thing rite now..!!] (!!)

Now more important thing...Never, ever go hungry to watch a movie..!!And specially if the movie intermission is for like..umm ..10 seconds..coz..u never know..u might not even have enough money to go back home..really..this happened with me...and dont ask about the movie..!!
Mummy!! hehehe!! Returns! damn![actually I dont even remember the full name of the movie..all I rem..was me yelling out at those stupid action scenes..''Kuch bhi hota hai kya ismein?!''...and hi-fiving my friend after every 5 minutes..!![for some really stupid special effects!]..
and so I came outta theatre like a burnt palms..with a hole burned in my pocket! ;)

Finishing off..on a good was My day!! I robbed my bro and cousins..!! And now Im rich! Hehehe..I love rakshabandhan!!The only day for girls( and bhai..I dont think I wud react to what u say in response to this!! lol)
Hmm..I guess im done for this time..This is like..a lot of updates!!
[and guess that I shared it..Im feeling better already...sob! sob!]


Anonymous said...

there are so many things to write.. as alwayz.. n so many new things i came to know..
infact there were so many things i came to know n i thot i wud respond to.. that my small.. tiny short term memory jst revolted and m gonna write abt only wat i can recall (with lotsa effort i must say)..
the first ofcourse if - i so wanted to say what beautiful eyes.. but u ve already punched the punch outa it.. ya ya. too many punches being thrown in.. but what to do.. even the third boxer has made it to quarters!!! this is jst amazing for the sport.. m sure eveybdy in haryana is now jst gonna take to boxing.. lolz.. hw cud u miss writing that!! i think u shud write a special feature on plympics too.. really.. there is so mch masala..
i by now i ve forgotten what was the other thing i wanted to write abt!!!! but ya.. really really sexy eyes those are.. i remember sm piggy commented abt them once.. n m sure gonna kick his butt smday..
i wud ve drowned in those eyes.. ya ya cliche dialog.. bt these are worth drowning in.. tho there is another pair of eyes thats better :)))
will tell you in next one whose those are..
and ya.. dnt u dare say anything abt punjabi accent.. remember the place ur coll is in. u wanna get murdered or wat..

madz said...

desperately cribby!!i know i appreciated the beauty of sadness today! but (yea there always is a 'but' like i found out to my benefit), do you good to be happy for a month(try a week atleast) :P

not that its a negative feedback/comment!! you know how much i treasure cribbings!

PS: When is it that you are gonna find a guy and that we wont have to listen about your search anymore!!

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

oh.. seems like u have had the most terrible time...
u r the most disturbed soul on the face of this earth..
is it that u never had one single moment of joy or excitement??
was it tat bad??

and btw... if u dont crib.. u look abnormal.. trust me.. so keep ur hands on the insanity... lage raho..

abt the photo.. y is it the eyes always... its so mundane..
try some other body part..
try ur nostrils or ear holes... or open ur mouth n show wat u r studyin...!

and get ppl outta their misery... go have a crush on someone..!

Amazish said...

did i actually sound like a crib there?oh man..i didnt intend to..and even if i what!!!
like a humble soul u could have just said..dudette change the pic..why the extra efforts!why!tell me!
clarification! i didnt talk about my miseries in the post..the stuff actually did..i wud also do the same for the good stuff happenin..even crushes for that matter..(umm..not the crushes!)
and if u think that im gonna change the pic..u r right in thinkin followin u see..!

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

oye koi ni oye.. tu tension na le... tere crushes ki koi waat nahi lagayega..
and i know u'll kill me if i post the actual concept of ur pic here..
dont change it.. there's no need..
fans have there own way of appreciating things.. read between the lines my dear child...!

Daggy... said...

know what..
i went through the writing a bit fast ths time... (it wasss really a long one..) woff.. (tired..)

u sometime sound crazy..
its like u happy n sad @ same time..
u strted off with some real disastring wrds.. yeah u were cribbibg..
but u were happy at the end of the play.. isnt so??
and now i gotta know where u got ur new cell from.. :)
and the pics too :):)
pics were gud.. but the best ones were... oopss sorry.. cutie pies not to be disclosed publically..

Amazish said...

Yeah Dagar..the cell's a new one..and the pics...well..what do ie even say!!publically or no publically..hardly makes a differnce now!!u would know why!!
and yes..i think i certainly would have to stop cribbing now..!hehe..