Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Message Pending...

Arrgghh..Im so irritated right now..!!Someone on orkut just asked me if I were a girl coz he thought I was married..jerk!I gave him the proper dosage of what he reqd.!jerk...!!!

Anyway..this is not the thing that I was gonna write about..(jerk!)..yeah..There's this thing that I wrote long back..in my cellfone actually...Quite depressing(quite opposite to my mood rite now)..but I think that since I have it till today..it deserves to be here..

I remember those days..man!I had dropped a year for my medical entrances..It seemed like the end of the world to me.I mean, I thought that it was the last year of my life practically..but I just survived under the pressure..Luckily I came out alive..and Im sure Im not the only one who had to go through the Drop Year Trauma...Its sucks yaar..I think of it now..and the only thing that I can think of is..That i dont wanna think about it..!!Alright..Im happy to be where Im now(As if i have an option!)..:)

One thing's for sure now..No more entrances for me..I'll rather kill myself.!(no..Im not depressed..Im just too flamboyant today)...Ive heard this a lot of time..(From my drunken friends actually)..'I wish God made a perfect partner for me..and he/she just walked up to me and said hi!'...Hello!! How about..'God made some post grad arrangements for me and the university walks upto me to say..come on baby!!! ugh! Anyways..I know God's not listenin..ehm..readin i mean..!!( He never does!!!)

(Just wondering again..how could that jerk say that I looked like a married woman..damn!! damn!)
Okay..okay..im cool..!
Yeah..Its something about Life I wrote 4 years ago..I was too Depressed..Annoyed..and possibly wanted to kill myself..(ofcourse i didnt);)

I guess the pending mesaage has to get delivered today.

You are not what u think you are.
Coz you are what your life teaches you about you.
Your life aint your follower.
Its your boss as your fate.
Its a mockery as your past..sarcastic joke as your present.
It shows you the path,derails you and asks you to put yourselves back.
Its the mirage that u see on a hot desert afternoon.
Rainbow that is made by harshness of the sun and loss of the clouds..still it is beautiful to you.
Colors that have to disappear.
Emptiness that has to emerge.
Darkness that descends upon you.
Madness that encircles you.
Life is yours.Deal with it.


Dagar said...

i guess ur day was goin on fine till the time that guy called u like that..
but still.. :)
know what.. angry gal.. i can make out that how red are u with anger..

that thing apart..

the line u have written at the end of blog which u say are written by u are amazing, superb. ..
i had to read them twice to get the meanin clear.. dont think m dumb,, but gal u r amazing...
keep it up..

Neutron Jack said...

I would like to start with famous qoute by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us".

Well that might have been low time for u to realise the fact that u can be what u want to be.

Destiny is not a matter of chance,
It is a matter of choice;
It's not the thing to be waited for,
It's a thing to be achieved.

my advice to u is to compete with ur best and see the fruits. Life will show the diversion

This is the first time on blog and saw this one. Was really influenced by the reader to put my thoughts forward.

I would like to end with a high note.


SenSeleSS Intelligence said...
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SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

well..putting the big lines apart.. no matter how much ppl say that they r in control of their lives.. i believe its a bit out of line to commit to it... i guess wat our life presents and wat our mind wants fail to comply in majority of the cases.. so better declare a truce n b content and happy nad enjoy life ...

after a lot of thinkin.. i reject my ideas.. i m ready to fight...
well.. its more fun this way...

SenSeleSS Intelligence said...

didn't the come up to u and said ... hi...!! ;)