Sunday, April 15, 2012

@you cant take that back now

What's you Email ID?
I go by ''.It's stupid,always pronounced wrong by people.I always have to correct them.
"Its ummm-azish,as in amazing-ish".

But what the hell was I thinking when I made it 5 years ago.More so,what the hell was I thinking when I created my fb account,my blog with it.
Here I am stuck with,what people like to call 'oomaazish'.Ive even got 'ummaa-jish'.
Even 'umma-ji' once. LOL
But what I started with 10 years ago on yahoo was class apart! ''
I must have wasted considerable time of my life typing that long idiotic email id.Also,'Cheers' has a completely different meaning now.'Fun' too.
Age makes you do stuff that seems inappropriate at another age.Always.

I was kinda obsessed with the 'Ish' in my name.I've had,Magish,Amazish,Ishkimo,Indishgal..It seems so juvenile now and self obsessive.(Oh,I even had Crazyish once);)

Even you must have had your share of email Ids that u cant take back.
Picture this: Bad email id's are like an annoying spouse.You are stuck with it.You have to take it to all the social gatherings.Introduce it to people.The thought of leaving it comes to your mind often,but then you think about the entire procedure of choosing a new one..going to the social meetings with it and explaining to people about what happend to the old one..and blah blah..and u drop the idea.(which is exactly the reason why I am still -Ummazish!)

All these years,I never actually tried to make an ID with my real name.So,when I was forwarding my CV to this company,'Ummazish' was covering up the entire resume with 'Iam stupid.Please dont hire me'..So I thought I'd make something that looks like,Isha Sharma.
Apparently there are many Isha Sharma in the Universe.
So I added 22(my birthdate)to it.Still... No.
99.9%of Isha Sharmas are born on 22nd.
Finally,I got something as lousy as 'isha.sharma022'. I am Bond.Of another kind.

So what did I learn with all of this.I should never judge a person by his email id.(I can have a good laugh at the funny one-but that's that). There are simply too many constraints and too many similar named people.
But that not a excuse to a lameass Id.The annoying spouse analogy fits,and how!

Be back with more crazy realizations
Ummazish ;)


twilight aura said...
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twilight aura said...

+1 when it comes to blogging names!:| i never imagined that my blogger id will contain one of the most tabooed words for guys! :(..really what was i thinking when i named my blog what i named it as!?

Aniket Thakkar said...

You can't trump mine. My email id used to be pagalpotato and that And also, lordthakkar@yahoo. But thanks to the good conscience on my brother's part he got me to gmail way before others did (when gmail was by invite only). So my brother is thakkar[at]gmail and i am aniket.thakkar[at]gmail :D No more lame ids for me.

I quite liked by first blogger handle too: Spaceman Spiff. But changed to my real name. (Age does do mean things to your head)

But it's never to late to get a good id. You can buy a good domain name and have anything@domainname as an email id. You can set up and autoforward from it to whichever id you use or set up multiple mailboxes on google. Just my two cents.

For the record, I got ummazish right on the first attempt. Though I had no idea about the Ish-fatuation. ;)

Amazish said...

@twilight aura.. who knew man that they would base a teenage movie series on 'twilight'!whole new level of ironic! but on a serious note..thanks for dropping by on my blog,even after getting a wrong address from me! hic!

Amazish said...

@Aniket..pagalpotato!! Cant stop laughing..
Totally agree on how age screws with the mind.Gives a whole new level of respect to things or people being called 'ageless'..haha!
It was a pleasant surprise to find your comment on my blog. thanks.
P.S. Kudos for getting 'ummazish' on first attempt.You are in a rare class now!
Two thumbs up for 'ish-fatuation'!!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Well, if you want more laughs my brother had the email Id mahantomato. And he doesn't even like tomatoes that much. Just that the pair sounded cooler together.

He's said no to a couple of marriage prospects coz they had stupid email ids. One of them gave a rediffmail one. At this age and time! That one, I agreed with.

Amazish said...

@Aniket.. to-may-to! ;)
I'll tell you a funny one..
A friend of mine..(to maintain anonymity lets say ABC) has an email
I told her to change her password to
seems funnier in person!

Aniket Thakkar said...

Haha! I can imagine how it must be funnier in person.

Ah, the days of stupid email ids and shitty conversations in yahoo chat rooms (This video makes the point )

ashhhh said...

I know a few ones - cute_sweet-ABC n sweet_girl_ABC , n my lil bro made this one which is still active - ABC_hotchill !!