Monday, March 23, 2009

Bus Blues!

Finallieeeeeeee!! Im back on the blog..I know how relieved u must be..!Seeing me here after so long..!bBeen 4 months!My blog missed me..I know I can understand..This is gettin quite emotional for me..just a sec..(...) Im fine..
So ..!! Today is not sunday!! But today is a holiday..and how! Ask me..ohkay ohkay i know u r dieing to know(or dyeing?..I dunno I usually dye people instead of lettin them die.ehmm..)Well..Whatever...lookin at my enthu..u know I cant contain my excitement of being able to write again!!(Meanwhile Ive been writing a lot these days..thanx to untimely exams.when are they on time!..when is the time for exams..who needs exams!!!!)..Anyway..Im not gettin carried away(coz thats the idea of keepin exams!)..I had exams..I gave exams..pstt!I did cheat in a few..(hehehe)!
Ohkay..News News!! I did an extraction 2 days ago..of a tooth! the patient was at my mercy..and i was at the mercy of my shaky hands..Finally i pulled the stupid thing out of the socket!! Yippie!Done.Bring on the next one!Where are my forceps?!
Rite..So I deviated totally from the title..!bus!bus!
I get up at 7am in the morning for college and am ready at 7:30.The bus stop is about 7 mins away from my flat..and the college is 45 mins away from my stop(walking and by bus respectively.)
How I board my bus(in this case..catch my bus on time while its still standin!): When we reach halfway from the flat to the stop..our eyes start eyeing the road..To see any sign of a moving yellow thing..If we do..we run our Bags off!!(lol)coz thats our bus..Waiting for us..sometimes..some school kids..waiting for their own buses..tell us: Run faster!! the bus is waiting!(embarrasing!!)
We enter in the bus..All eyes staring at us..."Not again!"..The driver's friend says," 5minute jaldi aaya karo!"..yeah whatever...! We look for seats..and then start lookin for water..!!Gasping for air!(This happend on 2 outta 6 days a week!)
On the remaining 2 days..The bus is late..and on the last reamaning one day..We miss the bus!! Which is exactly why Im at home today
Usually what happens is..we aim to board another college bus from someother stop..Once what happend was..we took an autorockshaw to another stop..on the way I see a gang of our college students..I start to yell..I dunno what..Im too I yell anything..except..stop..stop!! My freinds cant understand me..I point..!! Students..!!Somehow they dont respond..I dont know why..!!(The auto ride is too exciting I guess!)I ask the autowala to stop..and we go and join the normal poople.
Enter: A tinee tiny college bus..with people stuffed in it.People on seats.People on people on seats.Poeple standing on floor.People standing on feet of poeple standing on floor.
Enter: Us.
Enter: Chaos.People stepping on us.We steppin on people.Banging our bags on everyone's head who's lucky enough to get a seat!!
Enter:(jagah do yaar!..hadh hai!)

Enter: College...Yaay!! We've reached..One piece!
Enter :First lecture..
'Roll no.9'
'Roll no.9??'
'Present!! Present!!Roll no.9 Present!!'
Now, all of this precisely didnt happen today..coz we saw the yellow moving bus..just 15 steps from our place..and we got a feeling of dejavu..!hehe..!we reached the stop tryin to unthink what we were thinkin..But we saw no one standin there..a school girl tells us..: 'didi,aapki bus ko nikle huye 5 minute hogaye.!'(damn!not again!)..we were a little less courageous today..stood there for 5more minutes ..Cribbed..about the college..about the busdriver..and about the students in the bus who supposedly enjoy watching a daily marathon keepin bets on who will win today!Anyways..we're not late..Its the bus that arrives earlier than its usual time..We decide to go watch some movie today!
Someday we're gonna do the same to the bus..Make it wait for us..and then refuse to enter..!And let it miss us the entire day..

It should have been titled as 'bus yellows' instead..but how does it matter..we missed it right?