Sunday, May 25, 2008


I dunno what I should write here today..I never am sure..but today I feel like an angry guitarist,mad at the world..mad at the at everything ever created..everything that ever took birth..Crazy..Disgusted..Aloof...Sunk.
Im like a guitarist today who wud play his music until his fingers bleed..until his head aches.Until he's given up...Until he knows its enough.So deep in thoughts and madness that he's given up the fight for air.The struggle has been put to rest.Who knows nuthin about anything..but knows just one thing..That there's no afterlife.And thanks God for that.
Ive been accused of going into a 'Shell'..Ive been persuaded to come outta it time and again..I wish it was as easy as easily its said..I wish things were that easy to share all the time..half of everyone's troubles would have put to rest then.Life would have been so damn easy..
Today I can define some things clearly..A rope that Im holding and all my world is clung to its other end..the rope's slipping..but its not dragging me with it..perhaps my world just shrunk and weighs less now..perhaps my world doesn't want me..perhaps I want to be proved wrong..perhaps..'Perhaps' was never a word.. all that I want..Certainty is what I crave for..helplessness is what I loathe..I wish things were simpler..and simpler things were handled even more simply.I wish I was never this helpless ..this helpless..
I wish I were a supergirl.I wish I were god.I wish I was so many people at so many times.I wish I wasnt me this time.I wish I laughed without a sad thought at the back of my mind.I wish I cud clarify my thoughts.I wish I could just do something about somethings.I wish I could break all the shells.And sell off my mind somewhere.
I so badly wish I was a guitarist.I so badly wish I could just sing..shout..yell..scream..
I wish I had less shades of blue and more of yellow..I wish I cud just lie dormant and close my eyes..with no pain in me.
Shines! bright Shines! Laughters!Smiles!cant things always just be about them?
I feel like a sad angry guitarist who wants no answers to his questions..Who wants all the answers to all his questions..Who doesnt give a damn to the world outside his world..Who's connected somewhere..somewhere he doesnt wanna get disconnected from..
Kick all the hopes..forget about everything..Dont look into the mirror..Go off to sleep..Dream..Dream about things u always wanted to happen to you..Shut down.
Think of a place where everyone was happy with evryone.Think of a place where Ive never been to.Love.Laugh.Smile.Smile with spark in ur eyes.And speak no walls.
Just me and my world.
Its never too much to ask for.

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