Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Read and Write.

Its drizzlin outside...I cant feel the humidity for a while..quite relieving..Im lovin it..all I need is a good cup of coffee..(minus the calories..ehm ..)..forget it..Let it rain..

26th June 2009.
After a 10 min sleep..my head on the book..I woke up..It was 2am approximately..I decided to give up..my brain refused to take in no more sleepy mummbles..and my book was almost tellin me..Stop Mockin at Me..so,I thought I would sleep.and so I did..:)

Usually my friend..Swati wakes me up in the mornin..(once it so happened..that I set up the alarm for mornin..when it got off..I held the fone in my hand in sleep..and started staring at it.I thought it was Swati's and handed it over to her.."Swati..yaar tera alarm yaar.."..She stared back at me..I covered my face with the sheet and dozed off..She turned the alarm off.. So now u get it why she wakes me up in the mornin..)
Comin back to that fateful mornin..when I had to get up at 6am..and had to revise my entire syllabus...entire..complete...40 chapters!!Swat woke me up at 6am.

Swat:Wake up..its 6 am..
Isha:abhi nahi uthna..zzz..zz
S:uthja yaar
I: kyuuun!!! cooler on karde na..
(now at this moment I dont how she must have felt..probably lookin for a axe to chop off my tongue!!)
S: Isha,6:45 hogaye..
I:(whats so special about today..we usually wake up by 8 everyday..have tea,breakfast,read papers..and the sit for studyin by 9..why today!!)

Time!! 7:00am
I open my eyes..and see swat goin for a bath..
Enter: A Super Massive brain wave..!!
Isha: "Oh Shit!!! Aaj toh exam hai!!"
Swati gives me a weird look and says.."Toh? u forgot?"
Isha: shit yaar..I had to revise the entire stuff..Im gonna fail today..!
S: Dont matter..chal get ready now.
And I was shocked as hell..it was my prelim exam..I didnt revise..Its as good as not studyin anything..I cudnt believe what i had just done...on the day of my exam..I had forgotten I have an exam..(a thought..what if I was living alone?!)

Nevermind.(well..did I have an option?!)
9:00 am
Exam began
The invigilator handed over the question paper..Swat's roll num is immediately next to mine..I waited for her to get the paper..and turned 180 degrees immediately.
I:"Yeh aata hai?..aur yeh walaa? aur yeh..?"
Swat: "Chup kar..Woh dekh rahi hai.."
Invigilator shouts from 2 rows away: "Haan main dekh rahi hu"

With all the knowledge I had..I wrote a decent paper..I thought..but my proff didnt..So..Sad ending to an Amnesia laden sleepy start..

Year 2004
Month:I dont remember
Occasion: IIT prelim. (ehm..ehm..)
I DIDNT want to give the exam..I was so damn sleepy on the day of the exam.And all the IIT wannabes around me were buzzin with energy..all excited..all nervous..and me..Indifferent..unperturbed..and trust me it wasnt just math. I knew I would not know anything in the question paper.
I got the paper..and I had to sign it up before starting.I did sign it somewhere i know.But I only got to know about it when the invigilator got at my seat and asked.." Now,where do I put MY sign..?!"
I put up my signatures where the invigaltor had to sign..!!

30 minutes later.
Finished with my paper,I was fighting sleep.
I put my head down on the table and dozed off.
The same invigilator comes up to me: "Are u not well..?"
Me: "errhm..no ma'am.."(what the heck!!)
Now I think ,I should have acted more..She could have allowed me an early exit.Nevermind..I spent the next 2 hours..staring outside through the windows..(and there were hardly any good lookin guys in the class..!Wait..I thought there were one or two..Whaaat??They were too busy filling up tiny circles with "HB pencils".)

I came out of the exam centre..my friends from nearby centres were to join me.
Age old question>> "Kaisa hua?"
My age old answer>> "Mast!" ;)

Class 11th exams.
subject: Biology
Question: Write about Homo Sapiens. Classify men. (marks 15)
( When I saw the question..I thought my biology teacher had gone crazy.There was no classification of "men" anywhere in the book..!! What can I possibly write here!)
I dont exactly remember my answer..(the teacher probably put it up in the school biology museum!!)
My answer:
There are 5 types of men.
1.American men:
Found in USA,Canada.very tall.fair complexion.intelligent.usually green eyes.brown hair.
2.African men:
Found in Africa and South America.And some parts of north america. very dark in complexion.broad nose.good athelets.known for winnin medals in olmpics races.
3.European men:
Found in Europe.white complexion.similar to American men in most traits.
4.Chineese men:
Found in China,Japan.short height.small eyes.fair complexion.
5:Indian men.
found in India. wheatish complxion.short heighted.

After the exam.
My friend Sapna asks the Age old question>>"kaisa hua?"
Me>>" mast,lekin last question was a bouncer"
Sapna:"huh? classification of MAN..what was difficult?starting from early man,to neanderthal man to modern man homo sapiens.."
Me:* fainted!!*

For next 15 days I hoped that my paper gets lost somwhere..or the biology deptt catches fire..and it gets burned!
Result day..
Biology teacher,holding my paper with a big red cross over it: "What were you thinkin?"
Me: * smiles sheepishly*
( First, You tell me what were YOU thinkin..cudnt u just have written classify MAN..instead of MEN!..arrrgghh!!)

So much for a misprint.