Sunday, July 6, 2008

The purpose.. :)

May 25th was the last post..Im such a irregularly irregular person!Im not even regular at being irregular..and Hey..talking of the may 25th post..I got like million comments(not in written)..all asking 'why? why?'..umm..why..i just felt like it..;) No more whys!Though I feel it got too,too depressing..!Ah! I just get carried away at times...and yeah that kinda stuff will come up every now and then..until I sort out!and thats gonna happen pretty Final exams are comin up in the next 10 days..damn!I have to get sorted out!Coz 6 months is a long time!;)
Righto...Ive titled it 'The purpose' coz it sounds like the name of some oscar winning movie like 'The departed'..and whatever..(bad humor..i know)..u'd eventually come to know about 'The purpose'..chill!
So last week..(when I should have been studyin day and night...)I was watchin oscar winning movies..I watched 'blood diamond'..I must say the movie was quite moving..and even if I had 13 hearts( a cockroach has 13 hearts)..I cud have given all of them to just Leonardo..He's brilliant..The reality of the movie hit me..and I kept on thinkin after the movie about it..and I looked at my diamond earrings in the mirror...cud they be..umm..I hope not...

One thing about Leonardo..why does he have to die in the end in all of his movies??Thats kiddish observation I know..but if I recall..Titanic,Departed,Blood Diamond..My advice to those hollywood directors and scriptwriters..keep him alive dudes..he's worth a lot more when he's alive.!!
Anyway..then..I saw 'Micheal Clayton'..sheesh!I mean good..u make an oscar winning movie..and u have George Clooney in it..(and George Clooney has so much to him..the eyes..the smile..the fact that he's not gay despite the rumors)..but atleast have a bloody background score.!!I mean seriously,I think that the background score is the more important aspect of a movie..( think Titanic..and I think of me weeping everytime they showed Rose and Deadman separating!) Pstt!!! I watched half of the movie(michael clayton) once when I cudnt sleep in the afternoon and it took me 4 days to continue with the rest of the movie!But plz for god's sake!!! give them the oscars..but atleast have such dialogues that people like me can understand..or..put me on the oscar jury!;)
Next.A mighty heart...Love u Angelina!She's perfect..she's so damn perfect with her acting(the former perfect was for her pout,eyes,hair, no..dont think otherwise..i still say im happy that george clooney is not gay!!) the movie she has a thick french accent..(that hardly seems french though)..but whatevr it is..she's perfect at that too..its a sad sad movie..but i dunno i have a thing for sad movies..they're like there in the mind for years..and this one stays for more than that.umm..mighty heart hasnt won any oscars,has it?anyway..this one deserves..Put me on the jury i say!!

I watched 'city of angels'..for like the 100th time last week..It is SOME movie!!Generally,i dont like nicholas cage( for burning a hole in my pocket to buy tickets to movies like 'World Trade Centre','Wickerman','Ghostrider')..but in this movie he plays an angel..and I just love the way he looks at Meg Ryan!mwah!
Im a big movie freak!I guess its a great utilisation of the 'vella' time(read exams)!!On a date a guy first asked me when the movie started,''Do u like watching the movie chup-chaap or with comments in between?''. Me...''hehe..chup-chaap of course!!''. He was chup-chaap even at the lunch that followed the movie!! Now now,special mention..I prefer talkin in between the movie when im watchin it for the second time(Bhai..i know you're reading it!!)
I dunno why am I writng about movies here..Hey..see someday if I star into one! How would that be..!! Ok not hollywood,bollywood! then I cud compete Aamir Khan's blog!!(yeah, I heard so many 'Whatevers!')
But its a good thing..I cud write here about the movies that I see in times to come!anhaan!!

By the ways,have I left 'The purpose' behind..??I will return with the purpose..!I have to!